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A team that works together, stays together.

The Key dashboard gives you one standard platform that empowers your team to
“literally” be on the same page (digitally of course)


Technically, we’re exactly what you have been wishing for. 

When your entire team works on the same platform, they access the same information, get updated simultaneously and are connected real-time with the Guests, their cooperation, coordination, & collaboration towards your event increases significantly.
Empower your Manpower to do more. Enable your team to take on more, and delivery the optimum service every single time.
We’re removing the hassle of collecting RSVPs, and of continuously collating & updating them. Keep your Guests happy, and clients happier. Manage RSVPs for clients across the world, without the extra cost implications. The Key is a perfect RSVP Management Assistant for your team.
We understand the implications on costs when inventory is in excess or falls short at the last minute, be it airline tickets, hotel rooms, gifting or servers for appointments. Manage, account for, assign and resign inventory as required.
Information collection, collation, interpretation & analytics, let Tech save you. No multiple spreadsheets to merge to make one master sheet. Your human resources can do so much more than broadcast information only.
When your reports give you real time data, every single second, there’s no chance of errors in on-ground event management, be it Guest RSVPs, Updates, Inventory, or F&B preferences.
The Key as a solution, offers you ONE platform for all categories of Events. The basic premise of each, we understand is delivering the finest guest management, cohesive vendor delivery and operative cost optimization, while surpassing your Clients’ expectations. Wedding today, Conference tomorrow, Social, Corporate functions or MICE, this is your Master-Key.

When your team works on The Key

Information is gathered digitally
Errors reduce
Efficiencies increase
Reports are generated
Multiple departments work in sync

P.S: You’re not dreaming, honestly.

P.P.S: With the amount of time you save, you totally can, though.


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