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A solution, we understand, you need.

We know what it takes to create super efficient, successful, cost effective events. Consider The Key the Event Assistant you’ve been wishing for!

Representing the new age Event Professionals and their digital workstation.

Assign Roles; Manage Privacy

Assign / Add team members / freelancers / external agencies to specific events. Keep the rest of your workstation secure.

One Workstation Login, Multiple Events, Multiple Apps.

Manage all your events on the same platform.

Activity Log, Team Accountability

Check what guest information has been updated and by whom – real time.

App on the Go

Purchase Apps on the Go as and when you need them

Support that never ends

Get 24x7 support, helpful nuggets of information, solve queries, and more

DIY Apps, straight on the Workstation.

Create, Design, Save, Repeat.

A bucket full of Resources

All stock images that you need, to create a beautiful app.

Event Database Management

Manage, Save, Retain all the events you’ve done, their data, downloads, and all the reporting & analysis that comes with it.

Inventory Management (Hotel Rooms, Airline Tickets, Gifts, Services)

Assign via the Dashboard, Sell via the App.

Manage your Guest Digitally
Invite as per desire, Assign as per eligibility, Define as per requirement.

Guest Invites

Different Guests need different invites?
Like in a wedding card? Like in a MICE tour?
No problem. With the Key Dashboard, each guest can be invited as per the Host’s prerogative.
What this means: Each guest will see only what they have been invited for, on their individual App!

Guest RSVP

See which Guest (including family members – who RSVP individually too) are attending which Event / Sub-event.
Highlight: Imagine the savings on costs for F&B, Guest Services, Airlines, Rooming, Logistics and more

Guest Preferences

Just feed the choices into your Guest’s App, and let them tell you what they like.
Be it a meal preference, merchandize size, special assistance


Assign Hotel Room

Way, way in advance. Pre-Check-In your Guest. When inventory is digitally managed, there is no “room” for errors.

Assign Flight Tickets

Your guests’ travel experience reaches new heights, when you assign Airline Tickets via The Key Dashboard

Assign Transport

We’re all for driving in smooth travel experiences. Let your guest know their vehicle & driver information, even before they land at the destination.

Guest Information

Think of us & breathe a sigh of relief when the guest’s detailed information, their passports, VISAs, Photo IDs, Insurance details and more are collected & collated & sorted automatically, for your perusal.

Service Appointments

When your Guests book their complimentary service time slot (ex. Spa / Foot massages, hair styling or sari draping) via the App, you are the one that’s relaxed.


When your guest isn’t responding on time, needs a gentle push, use the Dashboard to send a quick (literally) reminder to one or all of the guests – Real time.



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