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The App you’ve always wished for
The Key to SUPERIOR Guest Management

The Key Solution

You, tell us! Define the name of your app, as per your event.


You’re setting the colors, the backgrounds, the fonts. All we can say, it’ll look fantastic! 


Quick look at the features you can play with


Event Information

One point of communication for everything your guest will want to know; about the event, the destination, the itinerary and so much more.

Different Invites. Different Itineraries.
Different Guests. Same Event.

In the same App. You asked. We delivered. (Digitally of course)

We’re digitizing your Invite!

(Yes, you can add a video too)


So many guests, all that information.

Primary, Family & Companion Guests are very important to us too. One App, multiple family members. Check.

We’re making RSVPs & Registrations Convenient

We understand the value of on-time responses by Guests. Set your own RSVP cut-off dates & send reminders via notifications.

Non Intrusive, Convenient Responses = Happy Guests = Happy Clients = Happy You!

Want to know more about your Guests?
Give them the power & the tools to respond in their own time 

Meal Preferences

For a clear requirement of F&B

Special Assistance Requirements

Being updated = being prepared

Service Appointments

Pre-book slots, send reminders

Merchandize Sizes

Never fret about Guest T-shirt sizes anymore

Updated Personal Information

For instance, Postal Address

Photo ID’s 

for Hotels, Travel, Accreds

VISA information

For when countries demand that little certificate

Insurance Information

Know how prepared your Guests are before traveling.

When traveling itself is an Experience!
Here’s what you can do for your guests:


Guest making their own travel arrangements?

Ticket Uploads
Straight from the App to you.

VISA Uploads
Straight from the App to you.

Insurance Details
Straight from the App to you.

You need to make travel arrangements for the Guests?

Assign Airline
Tickets Straight into the Guest’s App.

Sell Airline Tickets
Via the Guest’s App

Assign Hotel Rooms
Straight into the Guest’s App

Sell Hotel Rooms
Via the Guest’s App

Want more benefits?
We like you. This one’s on us. 

Guest Networking 

Chat & Email via the App


Customize & send reminders, travel tips & more (to one or all the guests)

App Summary

Everything your Guest has actioned, let there be a summary

Feedback & Wishes

Ask and you shall receive!

App is the way

With clients wanting to be more advanced, more tech savvy, more eco friendly, an App does all that and more

Save on time, effort & expenses

As the App increases efficiencies in Guest Management & Communication, let your team Do More & Be More.

iOS or Android App?

We say, Progressive Web App. We’re one step ahead of the game & you’re the one winning


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